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Buyer Beware! Read this before you buy probiotics for your dog.

Dog probiotics are a new healthy trend in the dog and pet industry right now. The truth is, dog probiotics are an essential supplement for dog health. However, it seems that a host of brands are adding probiotics to their food and new probiotic supplements for dogs are showing up all the time. We wanted to know which dog probiotics we could trust.
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dog probiotics reviewsNow Read This:
Problem #1: Not all probiotics are alike. Many cheap probiotics are unstable and lose their beneficial properties in the dog's stomach before the probiotics can reach the intestine. The intestine is where the probiotics need to plant in order to seed the dog's intestinal tract with healthy flora. Some probiotics are already unavailable (dead) when you purchase the product.

Problem #2: Many probiotic formulas that say they are for pets are really just human formulas with pet labels. Bacteria is host-specific, giving your dog a random probiotic may be a mistake, and you'll be surprised which brands are on this list—check the species on the canine probiotic research.

The Right Dog Probiotics Will Help Dogs With:

How Do I Know How To Choose A Probiotic For My Dog?

Dog probiotics, like any probiotic, are live cultures and are generally unstable at temperatures over 75 degrees in the active state (i.e. yogurt or liquid containing probiotics). A significant amount of "bacteria die off" occurs when the materials are exposed to extreme conditions, including exposure to stomach acid and bile. The probiotic bacteria needs to pass through hostile stomach acid and bile to get to the intestine where they multply. This poses a problem with most probiotics since most of the die off occurs at, or before, the time they reach the stomach. So what is the answer?

1. Use a dry dog probiotic supplement that contains stabilized strains of bacteria. Dry powders are more desirable over probiotic chews, treats, or probiotic dog food because the process of including probiotics in these products often kills the living bacteria. If you desire a tablet form probiotic, make sure it is cold-processed since heat processing would naturally destroy the viability of the supplement.

A dry, stabilized probiotic does not require refrigeration and will not react the same way to exposure as a liquid or unstable probiotic. The way it works is this: the dry bacteria is reconstituted (brought back to life) naturally in your dog's stomach where they thrive and move to the intestines. In the intestines the probiotics multiply hundreds of times over.

2. Check that your dog's probiotic contains PREbiotics (such as FOS, inulin, or acacia gum) in low amounts. A PREbiotic gives the probiotics healthy food to grow on and is an essential feature for any probiotic supplement.

3. Read the label to check CFU and probiotic species because more is not always better.

"CFU" is the count of living bacteria in the supplement and somewhere between 2-6 billion per dose should be enough for basic wellness and even therapy for GI and bowel issues. Dogs have more efficient GI systems than humans, so a super-loaded formula may be contraindicated for dogs.

The "species" of probiotics will be listed in the ingredients, and to be truly effective, should not be more than 5 or 6 different organisms. Why? Because probiotics are living organisms that compete for colonization/absorption. Also, the more species a formula contains, the more diluted the potency becomes of each species. So while a long list of organisms might look impressive, the result may actually just be a waste of money.

Also, even though some popular big brand products contain the species Enterococcus faecium, we prefer to avoid this controversial species due to potential pathogenic activity 1,2.

4. Read the ratings and reviews. Dogs are not subject to placebo effect, the probiotic either works or it doesn't.

Probiotics in dog food are not effective. Find out why » (government study included)

It has come to our attention that there are companies selling cheap low quality, unstable dog probiotics, or products that are really for a human. After reviewing almost all dog probiotics on the market we have come to conclusion that certain dog probiotics do measure up to the stability and quality standards necessary to help our dogs. Remember, dogs are not susceptible to the placebo effect, so you'll notice an improvement in your dog's health if the dog probiotic is effective. User reviews support our research.

After months of testing and after reviewing we compiled a small list of our favorite dog probiotic products. These probiotic products are tried & tested and produced great results for our dogs. All of the products offer discounted prices, volume discounts, as well as a discount with the provided code below and 100% product satisfaction guarantee.

Note: Users reported that this coupon worked when placing their orders. When you buy these products, please let us know that the code has worked so we may update our site. (see reader comments below)

Code reported as valid on: 15-December-2016 - worked

Probiotic Miracle®

Manufacturer: Nusentia

5 star rated

total Biotics

Also available at Probiotics for Dogs

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 6 stable probiotic strains; researched probiotics strains for pets
  • 100% vegetarian source
  • No fillers, no flavorings, non-GMO, no wheat, no dairy, no animal products
  • Made in USA at at GMP facility

visit probiotics for dogs

Probiotic Miracle® is one of the highest consumer rated dog probiotics we found on the market with the best value per dollar. Probiotic Miracle® is researched specifically for dogs and cats and clinically proven to be able to pass through the pet stomach. Probiotic Miracle® is an animal supplement—and all users rated this pet product highest for quality and value. Probiotic strains include: B. animalis, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, L. fermentum, L. reuteri, Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS, prebiotic), at 2 billion per dose.

(from the manufacturer: Probiotics for Pets: Understanding CFU and

MiracleZyme™ (Probiotic Tablets w/ Digestive Enzymes)

4.5 star rated

probiotic tablets

Probiotics for Dogs Available at


  • 90 chewable tablets
  • Cold-pressed processing
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Each tablet treats 1 cup of pet food
  • 5 stable strains of probiotics plus 12 vegetarian enzymes (all researched for dogs and cats)
  • 100% natural and vegetarian
  • Made in USA at a GMP facility

See ingredients & more info »

visit website

Also available on Amazon »

MiracleZyme™ is a dog probiotic and digestive enzyme combination tablet. Users who wanted a probiotic supplement that combined a digestive enzyme in tablet form preferred this product mostly for the sake of convenience. MiracleZyme™ probiotic tablets are cold processed and were found to have a high level of stability and effectiveness in combating yeast problems such as skin rashes, gas, loose stool, excessive shedding, yeast overgrowth, and bad breath.

Key Benefits of Dog Probiotics:

  1. Helps control yeast and yeast related rashes and skin problems
  2. Helps maintain a healthy digestion
  3. Helps treat diarrhea and prevent loose stool, diarrhea, and constipation in dogs
  4. Helps eliminate smelly stools and bad-smelling gas
  5. Helps reduce bad breath
  6. Helps counteract the destructive side effects of antibiotic therapy
  7. Helps prevent shedding and scratching caused by stress from digestive imbalances
  8. Improves dog smell overall
  9. Reduces excess gas

Read the 7 signs that your dog needs probiotics »

We like to keep this page up to date and get new reviews. If you found this page helpful or have a question, want to add a dog probiotic review, or have trouble with the coupon code, please let us know. We appreciate your input: (your information will remain confidential)

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Recent Reader Comments:

We tried this probiotic tablet and it works nicely. Loose stool and bad breath cleared right up! Thanks for the coupon.

We all take vitamins to regulate our nutrition/health. It's irresponsible, in my opinion, to not take the simple step of supplying your furry babies a probiotic - whether or not it's hurting. Probiotics help your dog’s intestinal track to accept the food he or she eats and absorb the nutrients into the body. ** probiotic powder provides Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus salivarius, and Bacillus Coagulans. All great things! Do your doggie a favor and at least let 'em try 

My dog won't take a pill without a big frustrating fight on both sides.  I have to grind them up and put them in liquid broth to administer the medication.  Can your product be put in liquid?  Will this nullify the benefits of your probiotic?

Would this Probiotics/Enzymes combo work?

Hi, purchased the MiracleZyme at Amazon due to the great reviews for it.  Have a GSD with terrible allergies, scratching, bad smell, et all.  Hope theseProbiotics will help him, he's 7 1/2yrs. old now.  Didn't get any discount on code at Amazon.  Thanks for the info.

I need a liquid probiotc for my dog. Is something like this available. My dog is 13 years old and has jaw problems which makes him unable to chew pills.

Would you recommend an effective pro-biotic for a 11 week old puppy recovering from parvo virus.

I'm going to try the PM on my 9 yr old female GSD who seems to have developed vaginitus with puss and blood in her urine.  I'm not sure if that alone will help or if I also need to give her the Myracle  zyme as well.  Thanks, Dale

I'm in the UK and looking for a probiotic for my dog who has EPI and colitis, is there one you can recommend that's easy for me to get hold off.

Is ProBiotic Miracle sold at retailers or only online? I want to start dog immediately and would prefer not to wait for shipping... Also, do you have any reviews on Purina ProFlora? (My vet gave me this once, that's why I am familiar, but I want the best to control yeast!) Thanks!

I can confirm that probiotic miracle is a really good probiotic for dogs. Been using it for many months, now I keep my dog on it for wellness.

My 8 year old male GSD wwas Rx'd w/ perianal fistulas 7 months ago when his anal gland ruptured. Prior to that, he had no issues. We have him on clindamyacin and tacrolimus ointment. I read about probiotics in an online GSD forum. What type of probiotic-if any-would be helpful? Any/all information appreciated.

Is it ok to start my 1 yr old and 12 yr old dogs on probiotics for a Healthy dog..

I have a 10 yr old collie that's been having terrible gas! I tried raw food, it stopped the gas but got major diarrhea
I have her on a vet diet now but she is gassy again. Is there a dog probiotic brand that you would recommend? Thank you

Been using this dog probiotics for 2 weeks and a great improvement in diarrhea issues. Coupon worked. Great. and thanks!

Please send me dog probiotic info here

My year old mini Aussie has been put on antibiotics for 2 months due to a bone infection (had surgery for a broken leg last year and still has a pin in there.  It was recommended I put him on a dog probiotic, too.  Coupon code still works.

Question, aren't fructoogluosaccaharides a sugar in the pre biotic????? How does it help yeast ? Won't sugars con tribute to yeast growth ????

I have been giving my dog 2 probiotic tablets a day for two weeks to fight a yeast problem.  The last three days he has regurgitated several hours after eating.  Should I take him off the probiotics?

Hello I have a pitbull and he itches a lot.   Would your probiotic help with food allergies and itching?!

So, I started Dinovites last summer, I noticed the red stains on my dog disappeared, so when I was done with the 90 day box, I thought he was fine and didnt need it anymore (that was the dry formula probiotics. Then, his coat started getting greasy and he started licking his paws again, so I ordered the moist type of Dinovite probiotics, well!!! Shortly after starting that, I started noticing these sores on his back, they look black are dry and bumpy. So I called they said it was yeast die off. But, this has been going on for almost 2 months. It does not seem to be getting better. Can yeast die off last that long? Btw I just switched to the dry Dinovite probiotic 2 weeks ago. He is Maltese btw. Thanks.

Coupon code works on Nusentia site for $2.00 discount. (Prices and shipping are the same on Amazon as on Nusentia, but coupon does NOT work on Amazon.)

Code worked ($2 off) on nusentia web site on 11/12/15

Coupon code for dog probiotics does not work on amazon

Probiotics are best to give when dogs are young as puppies to help populate the flora of the gut.

I want to know if the probiotics are recommended for a new puppy.  Do I give even if there are no problems with the puppy?  Will giving probiotics to a new pup alter their own growth & development of their own natural flora growth?
Do you suggest waiting or starting a new pup with the probiotics & enzymes & @ what age?  Are amounts breed specific?  (I know. You can't be specific to every single breed - however, there are groups of dogs who have certain specific genetic traits that can be addressed -I.e. herding group, guarding group , etc)?
Thank you for your help.  I just want my new pup to avoid any of the problem s my last beloved dog developed during his lifetime.

Nusentia products are cruelty free. Probiotic Miracle is a very well reviewed dog probiotic.

Can a pregnant dog take probiotics?

My seven year old dachshund was bacterial and yeast infection he scratches and bites all the time and some times loses his hair he DOES Not have bad breath or smell his stool is fine i feed him a good quality dry grain free dog food. IF HE should have probiotics what kind should he have?Thank you


Is 21st Century Essential Pet Probiotics OK to use until I run out and get Probiotic Miracle?

our vet would like to prescribe VSL#3 probiotic for our 7 1/2 lb toy poodle who has inflammatory bowel disease.  She is also on metronidazole.  Will the VSL#3 harm her? 

Searching for help constipation in 3 yr old rescued recently spayed 7 lb. Che.   Good info on this page!

My 10 year old KC Spaniel, after food, will lick floor and bedding excessively.  Any suggestions why he should do this please?
I feed him Healthy Option dry food.

which strains are ok for dogs.  It seems there is a lot of different combos and I want to make sure my dog is getting only probiotics designed for dog gut health.  thank you

My 4 year old 22lb dog has episodic gastritis following near death from vaccinosis at age 1. He is prone to damp yeasty groin (dachshund-x) in the summer. He developed gluten intolerance after vaccinosis and eats gluten free per Vet recommendation. I'm looking for something to re-balance his microbiome. Thanks.

Probiotic Miracle would be a good dog probiotic for your dachshund since it is gluten free and has no fillers. But he would probably benefit more from adding the Enzyme product as well.

It's easy to get confused about probiotic strains. We look for formulas with research for animals, which is why Probiotic Miracle comes up to the top. There is also Purina's FortiFlora, which is very popular and has some animal probiotic research, but because we prefer to avoid E. facium, we don't recommend that product here.
As long as a probiotic supplement for pets is made in the USA at a GMP facility, they have to meet strict guidelines set out by the FDA for quality and ingredients. Extra certifications may be good but may also be unnecessary and simply add cost to the product when standard certifications are sufficient. Synacore may be good also, however, we haven't reviewed that product for dog probiotics.

looking into probiotic/prebiotic/enzymes for my elderly terrier.  getting really confused about the strains of bacteria.  Also, is it best to have NASC approval.  Don't see that on probiotic miracle, but do see it on Synacore.  Only want a dry stabilized product, but confused by all of them.  Help!

Coupon for dog probiotics worked today. Saved about $10 on total order, also trying the joint liquid. fingers crossed!

We used the coupon, it worked, thanks. These probiotics working well, saw imrpovement in stools within 3 days!! We used the tabs which are convenient and effective.

A probiotic made specifically for dogs will bring the most benefit.

one of my dog has bloody stool like cranberry color, doctor said that he has lots of bacteria, otherwise he is healthy. He is taking 3 months Advita powder probiotic now, he is little better, stool is dark brown. The probiotic I very expensive, I wonder whether I can use human probiotic?

Dog probiotics helped my dog. glad we found Probiotic Miracle is great and lasts a long time.

The tablets will be very effective with digestive disorders because they contain both enzymes and probiotics for dogs. It is a more complete formula.

My dog is nearly 6 years old, since we first had him he has had problems mainly diarrhea, was detected with Cryptosporidium, and was put on antibiotics, did not improve and had intestinal biopsy,  diagnosis was chronic inflammatory bowel disease in the small intestine and helicobacter. Then treated with many types of antibiotics  for 3 years. Took him off all tabs and tried him on Yakults some improvement, will MiracleZyme be effective for him? Tablets are easier to use.

probiotic899 valid as of 11/18/14. $2 discount on $39.99 purchase. Works great as remedy for GI issues for our Tibetan Terrier that was experiencing loss of appetite and confounding vet due to negative results on various tests. Back to normal after 30 day dose of Nusentia Probiotic Miracle which is now part of daily diet. Great product!

trying to cure our dog's chronic itch without using cortisone that was given when we took her to the vet.

will Probiotic Miracle help my dog who suffers from constipation ? He is on raw tripe butternut squash sweet potato and carrots.

Is candida yeast overgrowth contagious to other dogs?

probiotics helped with my dog for diarrhea.

Coupon code worked

Skin rash   Does probiotics help

Purchased Nusentia Miracle Pack on 6-11-2014 and used coupon code probiotic899 and received a $3.99 discount on  my purchase

Probiotics are great for puppies and there is good research that suggests when you give your dog probiotics at a young age that it helps them to maintain better health in their adult years.

Hi, Thanks for the info, my nine month old dachshund just went through a soft stool episode which appears to be over now, cause unknown. Can you offer me any info regarding probiotics for a young dog. Should I even be doing this or am I overreacting. Thanks in advance, BH

This is good information.

Looking for the best probiotics for a 6-year old 120 lb Lab/Shepherd mix.

Received 2$ off  Probiotic Miracle with code probiotic899.

Confirmed results with our german sheperd dog. nusentia probiotics worked great. code for discount worked too! haha

Great job Nusentia. This is a gem! Our boxer thanks you too!

There are several brands of probiotics for dogs. We went with the recommendation of Probiotic Miracle with great results. We chose it based on the science that backs the formula. No mushy poo with our dogs since!

Anyone knows what is the best probiotics for dogs?

Any dog with bowel/intestinal/diarrhea issues will get HUGE benefits from taking probiotics. for irritable bowel, you should give probably like 5 billion CFU/day. We've had great results with Probiotic Miracle, we won't use any other brand. This is the best type of probiotics for dogs I'm convinced.

My 1year old rescue eats any kind of poop he can find, so we get diarrhea with mucos blood and horrible odor all the time. We treat with anti diarrhea medicine vet gave me good for a couple of days and here we go again..think we need probiotics ASAP....agree?

My 14 yr old Shihtzu has foul gas and irritable bowel. Can you recommend something appropriate for her?
Many thanks!

The probiotic899 coupon code worked on 1/29/2014 for Probiotic Miracle

Probiotics are great for puppies and will help fortify the immune system for better long term health as they grow into adult dogs.

Hi, I have a 4 month jack russel pup who is being treated for "red mange" due to a poor immune system and poor nutrition of the mother during and post having puppies.  I was told to get junior probiotics for her?

I'm buying Regenex™ for Dogs not Probiotic Miracle and it still gave me $2 off.

We started giving probiotics to our dogs because of runny stools. We first tried FortiFlora, which was an expensive experiment that didn't work. Runny stools persisted. After 1 week on Probiotic Miracle we got results! We are on our 2nd canister now, and I recalled to come back here and get the coupon code that still works! Thanks for the code and the referral for a GREAT product!

The code is probiotic899

Please send me the coupon code for probiotic miracle for my dog

Haven't heard of Protexin, but it sounds extremely expensive, especially for only delivering 180 million CFU. 180 Mil is NOTHING. If your dog has IBS you'll need to up that dosage into the multi-billionss. Probiotic Miracle is good for that since each scoop has a billion CFU, so increasing dosage is easy. I would scoop out 3 scoops twice a day for IBS. Give it a shot! :)

My dog is on Protexin soluble which cost me $65 for 125g net.. it contains 180million CFU Its the yellew & orange container.. its kept in the fridge & I buy from the vets do you know if this is a good probiotic or am I wasting my money I stopped givin the protexin to my dog for 1 week & his breath started to smell he has IBS thats why he was put on Protexin 3months ago.Thank-you Susan

This is good information, we decided to go with Miracle Probiotics based on the recommendation also appears to have the most solid dog research backing it and good reviews. I will post again with results.

I used your code a couple months ago and came back to repurchase... (couldn't remember where I went last LOL.) Just thought I would post that your recommendations are spot on. ** Nusentia makes a fantastic probiotic for pets.** Anyway, also I found this page about the canine research, thought I would post for anyone interested in the real deal!

Ya you guys are right, PM is the bestest:) code still works

Good info thanks and the code works. We tried Proviable and Mercola and ended up sticking with PM following your recommendation.

Code worked again. I posted a while back, but wanted to follow up how much of a difference Probiotic Miracle made for our dog. We have since added Enzyme Miracle which really made a difference in shedding and seemed to give her an extra "boost"... keep up the good work with dog probiotics.

I was giving my dog Langers probiotic. After reading this, no wonder it didn't work.

Great, code worked... hope this stuff wors too!

Switched from Mercola probiotics to Probiotic Miracle for my dog. Better price and no more diarrhea or stomach problems. Thanks for the code.

I'll try one of them and let you know how it goes..our Doxie has been on antibiotics back to back and I know her system is out of whack.

That's normal, Pete, with an altered diet. Keeping the dog intestinal flora balanced with good flora will reduce the loose poo problem. But you should also add a plant-based enzyme once or twice per day. Give dog probiotics twice per day for best results.

I have a welsh springer who's poo is generally loose particularly if he is given meat scraps.  his diet is normally very bland dry food but when we change it he becomes looser.  would a probiotic help this?

The coupon worked on June 17, 2013. :-)

my doxie has irritable bowel syndrome and would like her to be as comfortable as possible.  she is 12.5 years.

coupon worked -thanks!!

Coupon worked 6-6-2013.  Thanks

We tried vetri-science too, we weren't impressed. the powder probiotics seem best.

Code worked for me, I bought 3 canisters of Probiotic Miracle for my Great Danes, switched from Mercola's "dog" probiotic.

Coupon still works I got 1.30 off product from nusentia for probiotic miracle

This stuff is the real deal. The code worked today for the dog probiotics, good job, our 5th jar so far and a super healthy pup!

I am new to the dog probiotic world.  Our vet prescribed the probiotics above by Vetri-Science Labs. Did not see any reviews about it.  Getting near to a refill but I would like to know more.  Any info will be appreciated.

our labrador is back to puppy health again. our 3rd order and the code still works, thanks for keeping this current. Probiotic Miracle are the best dog probiotics.

why can't I find this at the pet store??

Probiotic Miracle was recommended by our vet, so glad we tried it. No more antibiotics, allergies are at bay. By the way, we went with the Nutrivet brand for a bit to save some dough, but our dog's health quickly declined again. Oh, and thanks for the code, it works! That's what I really wanted to tell ya! :)

very informative, thank you.

My vet recommended probiotics for dogs, we tried this Nusentia brand per his recommendation, and have been doing great every since. no more stool problems, itchy skin or anything. these probiotics are the way to go!

can you post your vet's name?

code is still working. excellent work. We've been using PM dog probiotics for a couple years now. no diarrhea or mushy stools.

code worked 10/3/12 for dog probiotic. Very excited to try this for my 6m old shichon dog that tends to have issue with scratching and licking his paws.

Thanks going to order the dog probiotic. The one that my poodle is on from the vet is making him worst. I got to try this. He is 14 years old and on lots of medcine. Hope this will help.

Code worked on 9/3/12 for dog probiotics

this code took $1.70 off of my order on 9/2/2012. Thanks!

Coupon worked. Received $2.00 off. Thank you.

the coupon for dog probiotics worked got $4.93 discount

Thanks for reaffirming Probiotic Miracle is a quality product. My Shih Tzu mix puppy was having a terrible time with yeast-ear infections when she was just 3 months old. She was miserable!  After multiple (sic: expensive) Vet office visits, RXs that didn't help (and some of which have potentially dangerous side effects,) I was at my wits' end!  My own research finally led me to starch-free Wysong-Epigen food, Zymox products and Probiotic Miracle dog probiotics.  The yeast problem was GONE within 72 hours and has not resurfaced.  She's now 8 months old, incredibly healthy and is routinely complimented on her beautiful, shiny, amazingly soft hair. I hope this information can help someone else.

I didnt have any of the 7 things you mention but my dog was having loose stool and nothing seemed to ended up coming out like liquid mustard...After just 2 days on a probiotic, hes totally back to normal.

probictic miracle has fos in  it is this good for your dog my dog has been on it for 8 months she is also on enzyme miracle

Probiotics coupon code worked for me today July 4th

FYI, the coupon code worked for me -- April 24.  Thanks!

The probiotics for dogs and enzymes work the best, Probiotic Miracle and Enzyme Miracle for gas a "cow pattie poo poo" :)

My dog has bad gas and has cow pattie poo poo. Which product do u suggest

Thank you for keeping the site updated. I used the coupon code for dog probiotics and it worked. I am looking forward to using the product with my Rottie's food. We are feeding him (4 month old Rottweiler) Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice and he has loose stools at least once a day and he has a gas issue. We have cut the amount of food (lower than label suggestion) and we have added rice and yogurt with no difference. His coat is shinny and his skin is not flaky but the bowel movements need to get better. We are hoping this will be the answer. Thanks for all the info. I will update in a couple of weeks about the dog probiotics.

Just wanted to say thank you for this site and the information about dog probiotics. I purchased Probiotic Miracle with the coupon a month ago and am already seeing a big improvement in my bull terrier. I was taking her to the vet every other month with tummy issues, but she is like a new puppy now since starting her on Nusentia Probiotic Miracle. Great! I am so happy.

got my discount for dog probiotics, thanks for the tip.
Love this stuff my 13 and 14 yr old dogs coats are so much more shiny, and their teeth stay clean.

Thanks for the info.  Very helpful understanding dog probiotics.  Placed an order and will be anxiously waiting to see results.  Coupon worked.

I had good results with this dog probiotics. I was using a simple acidophilus supplement from the health food store, which made some improvement to the stools. After making the switch to Probiotic Miracle there is a definite and consistent improvement to stools and even the skin and coat. I am surprised and grateful. I haven't tried Mcol probiotics, but I haven't heard much about that one. If anyone has any experience with it I'd like to hear about it.

Anyone have any thoughts/experience with Complete Dog Probiotics?

The code worked, just ordered for my two dogs!

Great products, thanks for the article. Two happy springer spaniels and no more stomach or bowel problems with dog probiotics. Thankful to be OFF the antibiotics!!

Just placed order & the code worked for my discount. Looking forward to product.

Do not waste your time with FortiFlora or IntelliFlora -- not worth the cost. I don't even know why my vet recommended FortiFlora, no help and too expensive!! 1 week on Probiotic Miracle for my dog cleared up all his issues, I'd say, 80%! And still improving. Thanks for the site, and yes, the coupon code still works great.

The code works.  Just ordered the small miracle pak to try on my Great Pyr/Chow Mix.  He has food intolerances and allergies - I suspect yeast issues....hopefully adding dog probiotics to his diet will help him.

Your coupon worked for Probiotic Miracle.  Thanks!

I was giving my maltese Inteliflora, but had to stop. After actually looking at the ingredients, I couldn't believe that I was giving Inteliflora to her in the first place. It contains maltodextrin, poultry Liver, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Taurine, and Sodium Alumino Silicate... to name a few very undesirable ingredients! I was disapointed to say the least. Thank you for the research. Probiotic Miracle has been a MIRACLE! Incredible results! I recommend it all the time now. The Nusentia company also has a very good article on their websites about probiotics for pets and which strains of bacteria have been researched for dogs (with references to the actual research articles). VERY good company. GREAT recommendation!

After reading this web site and the reviews on other sites about Probitoic Miracle, I am going to give this dog probiotic a try. Everyone is raving about it. My yorkie needs a lot of help. I'm hoping this works. The code worked.

code worked! Thanks!!!

the coupon code worked, just checked out. Can't wait to try Probiotic Miracle! My pup has been so ill, my vet recommended dog probiotics. As a note to other readers, you can find Probiotic Miracle on Amazon and read the reviews, most review this product very highly.

My 9 year old female Lowchen has been on an antibiotic, off and on, since May 2011. My veterinarian suggested Forti Flora as a dog probiotic which I have been adding to her meals. However, as I did some research, I found Forti Flora contains only ONE probiotic but seems to be the favorite of veterinarians. I wonder why. After reading your article and learning which probiotics it contains, I am ordering Probiotic Miracle and I thank you!

Maybe a dog probiotic would help Annabel! thanks for the code.

coupon code worked

Just used the Nusentia code and it worked fine.  Thanks for this fine website about dog probiotics...I have so many issues that I am researching trying to get my little bulldog healthy and it was so helpful to find these great reviews with all of this research already done for me!  THANKS!!!

We ordered last month after trying FortiFlora for my dog. I had to tell you two things, and I usually don't comment on these sort of things, but: the coupon code worked AND PROBIOTIC MIRACLE WORKED!! Far better than Forti Flora and a better price at that. Thank you!!

code worked! Thanks!!!

I found you website about dog probiotics very informative.  My dog recently developed pemphigus foliaceus and she is on a lot of medication. I have suggested probiotics to the vet and was glad I read you page to give me more information.  Due to the meds she has many symptoms mentioned.

The code worked, thank you.

I decided to try Probiotic Miracle after reading your web site. I had previously tried Vetri-Science Everyday Probiotics as well as Animal Essentials dog probiotics. Probiotic Miracle not only provided way better results but for the amount of probiotics you get, it is much better priced. 1 large container of these dog probiotics lasts about 6 months in our house. Much cheaper than going to the vet! So far, she is very healthy, better coat and no more smelly breath or body odor. It matches its name, its a MIRACLE! haha. I'll also tell you that I add just a little probiotics scoop to her food and she eats it up, she doesn't even notice it is on the food. I'm sure, if the canine knew and could speak, she would thank you too. I appreciate you putting this information together, it really saved us.

Tried it. love it. much better product than Nutri-Vet. Thanks for the coupon for dog probiotics.

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