Antibiotics and Dogs - What To Do After Antibiotics


Alert: Your dog just completed his antibiotics, but now his health is in more danger than ever.

Antibiotics and Dogs: Millions of dogs each year are prescribed antibiotics for one reason or another. In some cases, it is necessary for the treatment of the dog to use antibiotics as therapy. But after his round of antibiotics, even though it seems the antibiotics improved his issues, your dog's body is left fragile and open to a host of more problems.

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The Purpose of Antibiotics for Dogs

Antibiotics are used for treatment or prevention of bacterial infection in dogs and for preventing infection after surgery. The antibiotics work on killing ALL BACTERIA indiscriminately in the body, harmful bacteria and good bacteria as well. While canine antibiotics may be necessary, it is not uncommon for the symptoms to return more aggressively after the antibiotics are completed. Why?

Antibiotics Stress in Dogs

Antibiotics Stress in Dogs is a real problem. A healthy canine body naturally contains a proper balance of flora (good bacteria) in the intestinal tract. Healthy flora or "probiotics", keep harmful bacteria in check. When antibiotics are introduced to the body, the healthy balance is destroyed and most bacteria is killed, including friendly a harmful antibodies.

The problem is, when the friendly flora is killed in the body by antibiotics, harmful bacteria and yeast is free to grow again unchecked. This is why the symptoms and the cause of the infection usually return more aggressively, and generally, with more symptoms of yet another health problem after using antibiotics.

How Can I Help My Dog While on Antibiotics?

A canine probiotic must be administered to your dog to supplement the healthy bacteria that has been killed by the antibiotics. The right probiotic supplement for your dog will put the good bacteria back into his gut and fortify his immune system. Thisis a completely holistic method of treatment and offers zero negative side effects.

There is no risk of over-supplementation with probiotics. In fact, after his round of antibiotics has completed, you should give him huge doses of probiotics twice per day to avoid yeast and bad bacteria overgrowth. This will also increase his healing time if he underwent surgery.

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