Dog Yeast Issues
How to Get Rid of Yeast Problems

Helping Dogs with Yeast Infections and Yeast Overgrowth

Yeast infections, yeast rash, fungal infections, and yeast overgrowth is a common problem for dogs. When a dog experiences a yeast or candida issue, the results are usually apparent in the skin and coat.

Common symptoms of dog yeast overgrowth and candida:

  • Rash (malassezia dermatitis)
  • Licking or chewing feet and legs, and/or hot spots
  • Hair loss and excessive shedding
  • Strong foul odor, bad smell
  • Recurring ear infections, chronic dog ear infection
  • Itchy dog (yeasty eyes, ears, paws, body)
  • Thick, rough, or darkening of dog skin
  • Oily, or dry and flaky skin
  • General fatigue due to suppressed immune system

The above symptoms are an immune response that your dog may have when experiencing a yeast overgrowth issue. The pathogenic bacteria attacks the dog's internal organs, suppresses the immune system, and results in the above problems on the surface of the body of the dog.

The Antibiotics Problem

With continued use of antibiotics, all the bacteria in the body of the dog is killed, including the friendly, healthy bacteria. With antibiotic use, symptoms may lessen, but soon return and intensify after antibiotic therapy is stopped.* Also, treating the yeast symptoms (yeast dermatitis) topically, such as with an antibacterial soap or special cleanser does not solve the fundamental problem that causes the yeast symptoms in the first place.

A Solution for Yeast Problems for Dogs

When confronted with a yeast infection in your dog, a holistic and effective solution is to add large amounts of probiotics to his diet and change the diet.

Probiotics are perfect to discourage yeast because they:

  • dog probiotics reviews Inhibit and discourage the growth of harmful bacteria by crowded them out of the gut.
  • Create an natural antibiotic-like substance called acidophilin(1) which discourages yeast growth without side effects.
  • Populate the gut with healthy flora, making it more difficult for the bad guys (yeast, bacteria, fungal infections) to take over.

Further, be sure your dog is eating an diet that discourages yeast, or does not aid in its growth. An anti-yeast diet is one that is free from grains and carbohydrates, which usually end up fermenting in the gut and feeding yeast. You may be surprised, but your dog actually needs almost no carbohydrates to be healthy. This is because his body and digestive system is different from a human.

Find a grain-free dog food and one that is preferably raw. You can make your own yeast-abating dog food at home very easily too if you have the time. There are several web sites out there that can help you get the right balance of meat protein and produce. Also, the AAFCO has guidelines based on their authority for pet foods.

Now Read This:
If your dog has a yeast infection, rash, or other issue related to candida or yeast, we find that the best approach is by using a quality probiotic made for pets. Not all probiotics are alike. Many probiotics are not made for pets, but rather for humans. These probiotics will not offer maximum benefit when it comes to treating a yeast issue for your dog.

A yeast problem for a dog, could be made worse by the wrong probiotic because certain strains of bacteria are known to compete for absorption.

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Reader Comments:

posted: 11/26/2013

I'm going to try that yeast abating diet below. thanks for posting I'll let you know how it goes.

posted: 10/21/2013

Wish I knew about probiotics for yeast a long time ago. thanks for the help.

posted: 10/16/2013

Raw eggs are ok for dogs for the yeast free diet. Dogs are not subject to salmonella like people are. Just make sure they're not too old. if you're worried, cook them a little. Hard boiled is ok but not ideal since they're cooked. When was the last time you saw a wolf fry up an egg?

posted: 09/05/2013

Anyone have some good vitamin recommendations?

posted: 09/02/2013

Should we add vitamins to the yeast free diet?

posted: 08/27/2013

Yeast is gone. Finally. Thanks for the help.

posted: 06/14/2013

Starving out yeast is easy with this diet: first do a 24 fast of water with a splash of apple cider vinegar. I mix some ground beef with a whole egg, some raw broccoli, dried kelp, and sweet potato. If there's other produce in my fridge I throw it in too, like celery, carrots, and sometimes even some china seed.

posted: 04/28/2013

Anyone know where I can find a recipe for a anti yeast diet?

posted: 03/09/2013

Anyone have some answers about an "anti-yeast" diet?? Besides probiotics, what can we do?

posted: 03/03/2013

My dog is scratching is that yeast?

posted: 02/15/2013

Our dog has the worst yeast smell, will Probiotic Miracle really work?

posted: 01/18/2013

We started our maltese on probiotic miracle for yeast about a year ago and it did the trick pretty quickly. This was after tons of vet visits which helped and then... didn't help. Ack! So this time, we did the vet thing, then immediately loaded her up on probiotics, treated the ear infections locally with vet remedy. Probiotics have kept the yeast away ever since, so yes, I recommend.

posted: 01/04/2013

Anyone getting results with the yeast with the Nusentia probiotics?

posted: 01/03/2013

Thanks for the tips about yeast. Going to try the probiotics hope it helps

posted: 06/01/2012

Our bulldog was the yeastiest (real word? haha) dog on the planet!!! let me tell you, yogurt doesn't work. Probiotics and enzymes did the trick for the yeast.

posted: 05/21/2012

Bulldog with yeast. Any ideas?

posted: 01/21/2012

We got good results with the probiotics but then we stopped and the yeast came back. Started up again this time with enzymes too. Just a tip for anyone with yeast, use enzymes too they make the probiotics a bunch times more effective with yeast.

posted: 12/01/2011

No more yeast, no more vet bills!!!!! THANK YOU for your article!

posted: 11/16/2011

Code worked thanks! Can't wait to try this on my bulldog.

posted: 11/02/2011

Dog yeast is gone, its amazing, thanks for the code.

posted: 09/29/2011

Just wanted to thank you for the article, these products really did help with the yeast issues and infections my dog was having. Our vet was very impressed with the results.

posted: 08/23/2011

Worked FAR better than FortiFlora, InteliFlora, ProBios, and ANY other probiotics for dogs that I tried before. Thank you for the discount code.

posted: 08/15/2011

Helped with my dog's yeast infection. Going to order for the second time now. The canister lasts a LONG time. Thanks for the discount.

posted: 06/19/2011

Thank you! The coupon worked and it's been 2 weeks and Miley's rash is nearly gone! I can't believe I didn't know about this long ago, it is great! Thank you for posting!

posted: 03/05/2010

the code worked, thanks, hope this works on my yorkie. reviews are great.

posted: 01/22/2010

Thank you! The coupon worked and it's been 2 weeks and Miley's rash is nearly gone! I can't believe I didn't know about this long ago, it is great! Thank you for posting!

posted: 01/15/2010

Great! Definitely recommend! no more yeast.

posted: 12/26/2009

Worked as posted. thanks.

posted: 12/20/2009

Very good results, I'm surprised and pleased.

posted: 12/10/2009

We've been trying just about everything for the yeast rash and bad smell. Thanks for helping us get off the antibiotics rollercoaster with our dog. We are saving MONEY TOO!!!!! Thank you again for posting this.

posted: 11/22/2009

Yeast is gone!

posted: 11/13/2009

Our dog's yeast was out of CONTROL! She's doing well now, coupon worked great!

posted: 10/01/2009

Brilliant! Worked for our dogs yeast like a charm.

posted: 09/14/2009

Yeast cleared up. Thanks for the coupon. Been 2 weeks, little more.

posted: 09/12/2009

Thanks for saving us money... not only with the coupon but with the probiotics. Worked on the yeast problem we were having with our dog. Got the products FAST too. Keep up the good work.



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